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Life happens while your making plans, and I am not exempt from it.  Next year I will be less visible as my venture becomes a business.

The services that are provided will range from helping someone to get started with their first blog to trouble shooting complex esoteric problems for people.

In addition producing services will be offered. This requires being a friend, confidant, psychologist,  trusted advisor, and at times a blunt business person.

Routine work will include testing services, software, hardware, and observing all the unfolding events and developments on the web in real-time.  Growing and contributing in unison with developments in our regions technology sector is another agenda.

In addition work will continue to re invent everything we get our hands on.  New thinking and new ways to do things and solve problems is a high priority.

So what this means is I am not going to be the prolific blogger of the past,  but mostly behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.

Do I have any advise?  Sure but only if someone asks for it.  As far as blogging goes the best advice I can offer is just do it, be open to learning, focus on craftsmanship, and seek the sound wisdom of others who know more than you may know.  Don’t be afraid to work together.

So may 2012 and beyond be kind and generous to you all, and prosperity and peace of mind will come your way.

And remember 250 words and your good to go!

Is The Season

Presents are going out early this year so in the spirit of instant gratification let’s just rip into the gifts.  Music is your friend, so for music lovers here is my gift to you.  My most famous original composition.

Here is a little something for all texting aficionado’s.   It doesn’t get any better than that. And a little gift of appreciation for my internet service provider.  For all of you entrepreneur’s trying to find meaning in what your doing here is a little something for you.  For everyone else the only gift truly worthy of everyone should suffice.

Have the happiest of holidays everyone and see you in 2012.

To Be Or Not To Be Hot

It is not uncommon to be confronted, taunted, and poked by big websites and services with a list top 10 most popular and so-called interesting posts every week.

Things that are not popular never get mentioned.   What about the top ten most unpopular and uninteresting posts? Many times you find what you’re looking for when you’re not looking for it, or find it where you least expected it.

It’s like this as described by Claude . .  I think you guys should be able to determine interesting posts not only by counting shares, +1’s and comments and come up with an algorithm that brings to the surface the hidden gems. There’s a lot of people producing interesting, genuine content, but who will never show up in a top or hot list, simply because they don’t have enough followers. Choose amongst the people with less than 500 followers those posts which received most interest would be much more gem revealing!

He’s right being popular gets eyeballs and followers in the fabulous world of web 2.0. The rest of us just toil and labor in obscurity. And what is popular and who defines it?

According to Wikipedia® – A study by the University of Maryland suggests that social media services may be addictive, and social media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the web.

If this is accurate, some of us have grossly misinterpreted what the Internet is really all about, or has become at least.  Ever wonder if we should build a new Internet?


Instincts said quit only four months into the project.  Now year three is just around the corner and everything is ahead of schedule. The hard stuff is out-of-the-way and the light is at the end of the tunnel.

Whenever I write I ask myself are people going to be interested in this?

This is a perfect technique for keeping yourself in check when composing posts. Once a post is compete it then has to go through the process of review.  And there are two places a post can end up during this procedure.  Published or the trash bin.

The key is don’t be attached because what may sound great during the initial spontaneous process of an idea popping up into your head may sound terrible later.  Capture it anyway and get it down before you lose it.  Understand that not everyone is going to be into it and there will be those that are.  In time you become steeled enough to not take things personally.  And going with the flow becomes much easier once you have mastered this.

Two things to keep in mind during process.  In order to do great things sometimes you have to swallow the criticism of the whole world, and sometimes you may reach just one person who “gets it”.  And there you go you have connected in a meaningful way and produced something of value to someone.

Never underestimate the power of small things. It’s all part of the process.  It’s all part of learning.

Top 10 Things That Bug Me

Okay we all have our likes and dislikes.  I have a few so lets start with the obvious so I can get some grievances off my chest.

Latency, bandwidth throttling, and oversold servers top my list.

(4) The Facebook comment plugin. Come on guys give people other options.  (5) Constant upgrades and new versions.  No rest for the wicked. (6) Excessive, tacky, and inappropriate banner, flash, and text advertising. There is a solution for that, but we shouldn’t have to resort to it.

(7) Patch Tuesday.  If you don’t know what that is you better learn it now.  (8) Backing up.  A necessary task that requires patience but is well worth the effort. (9) Keeping bookmarks organized.  I have become a bookmark pack rat. Shame on me.  (10) People who like posts but aren’t willing to admit they do it to promote their own blog to get more traffic. We are all guilty of this so lets just admit it.

#11 Special Bonus Gripe – The need for extreme passwords.  Every one of my accounts has a password that looks something like this –  c!&yk=hccbDr1Aua$HXJdHCx. Unfortunately it is becoming necessary to make life as difficult as possible for cyber misfits trying to brute force their way into your private space. Changing these as part of a regular routine is also something I would rather avoid.  But I do it anyway. Better safe then sorry.

There are other things but they don’t bug me enough to lose sleep. So anyway what bugs you about cyber land?  Curious minds want to know.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Part One

Reminiscing the “days” of the 90’s tech boom. Humorous tales of all the ups and downs of techs rock ‘n’ roll era. Since my non compete agreement expired many moons ago I can also reveal techniques for staying ahead of the curve.

Put plainly I was assigned the task of making Sound Blaster a household name here in Kansas City.  St. Louis, Omaha, Des Moines, Wichita, if needed. This was my domain, my territory.

Trainings, merchandising, demonstrations, marketing, the channel, working smart.  These were just basic elements of the elaborate Zen involved with managing an operation of this scope for a game changing global tech firm who’s U.S. division was based in Milpitas California. It’s very complicated.

Like Steve Jobs though, my basic philosophy was the customer first and always.  The regular customer doesn’t care about algorithms, bit rates and  chip sets. They want a solid good sounding audio card that’s simple to install, use, and lasts a long time.  In fact I myself still use a 2000 model Sound Blaster Live 5.1 and it still works great.  Moral to the story?

Make quality products that not only the customer likes but you believe in.  With Creative we were always ahead of our time, putting out hot products before the competition.  One of our big sellers was the PC-DVD Encore which was before DVD-Roms became standard equipment.

Modern day 20 somethings including Zuckerberg were young kids back then.  You could usually find them occupying the gaming sections of computer stores.

To be continued